Chocolate Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich

This is the easiest Chocolate Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich you'll ever make. The recipe was inspired by Fiona Hammond, Torello Farm. Keep these two ingredients handy and add these bite size pieces to your next dessert or party platter!


  • 1 Phillippa’s Chocolate Brownie (any) refrigerated.
  • 1 cup quality vanilla ice cream, slightly softened.


With a hot bread knife and a sawing motion, cut the brownie in half, horizontally. Slide the cake board supplied with your Phillippa's Chocolate Brownie between the slices to remove the top.

Use a knife to spread ice cream on the base layer. Replace the top piece. Slide the cake board out and return it to under the base.

Wrap in baking paper and refreeze for 1 hour minimum. Cut into bite size pieces with a hot bread knife and serve.

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