Phillippa's is a leading premium wholesale and retail bakery supplying Melbourne’s public and discerning retailers since 1994. We are proud to be an Australian family-owned and run business, and we're passionate about making great food, every day, to enjoy with our family, friends and customers. 

We use the best quality natural ingredients - mostly local and organic - and traditional baking methods in the pursuit of distinctive flavour and texture. We produce quality products that really stand out from the first bite and provide quality service that is evident from the first interaction with us.

Our Vision
Phillippa Grogan had a vision to create a bakery and provisions shop where everything was made by using traditional, time-honoured recipes and techniques with the best ingredients available. Local where possible and often organic. No shortcuts. No tricks. 

Since 1994, Phillippa and her amazing team of chefs and bakers have not wavered from those founding principles and continue to deliver delicious award-winning food that is traditional, handmade and natural.
What we are famous for...

Real, naturally fermented sourdough is rare because it takes TIME and SKILL to make. It can take 24-36 hours to make some of our great breads.


Traditional and fancy croissants, pain au chocolate, Danish and cheese twists. 


 Delicious sweet biscuits, slices, cakes and desserts. See our Store Menus.


Healthy, nutritionally dense Pear and Orange Muesli and Cranberry Granola.


Spiced nuts and cheesy biscuits for your party or just because!


Delicious baking for Christmas, Easter or treats to warm you through the depths of winter.

Our Philosophy 

We make great food. Every day. We share it with our friends and family. So our products have to be great. Consistently. We are our own harshest critics. 

 We know that by using only the best ingredients and following traditional techniques we can make the best food for us, our family and our customers.

Natural. Traditional. Handmade. 

Want to Know More?

We are intensely passionate about what we do, and we are happy to share it with you. 

Read about bread nutrition, recipe ideas and more in our blogs.

 Or join our team! See what current job opportunities are available.

Try For Yourself

Impress your friends and family by making some of our delicious food yourself!

You'll find some of Phillippa's recipes online. They're easy to make and full of flavour. Or get a copy of Phillippa’s Home Baking Cookbook for more than 140 recipes to try!
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