Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Many people are happy with a bit of boozy cream or custard with their Christmas Cake but add a few simple ingredients and your guests will be wanting more!

Decorate and make our Christmas Cake your own. Try these simple cake decorating ideas:

  • Toss good glacé cherries in warmed apricot jam and pile on top of your cake.
  • Roll out fondant icing and cut into shapes (stars, snowballs, snowflakes, holly). Brush your cake with warmed apricot jam before laying your shapes over the top.
  • Find a stencil and dust with icing sugar, and decorate with holly.
  • Make a luxurious Almond Brandy Butter Icing (see recipe) and cover your cake to look like snow.
  • Toss pieces of glacé pineapple, apricot, cherries with pecans and walnuts in warmed apricot jam and arrange on top.

Made with house-made candied unwaxed orange peel sourced from the farmer’s market, it's also delicious when served with Stilton or Cheddar and Muscat.

Your family and friends will love it and you can feel proud of your special touch!

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