We are famous for making great bread. Good bread is made with SIMPLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS. What separates good bread from great bread is TIME. Time to develop COMPLEX FLAVOUR and DISTINCTIVE TEXTURE. Baked fresh every day, TASTE the time in every loaf.

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 Real, naturally fermented sourdough is rare because it takes TIME and SKILL to make. It can take 24-36 hours to make some of our great breads. 


 Made from simple, natural ingredients including flour, water, some salt and a little yeast; using traditional techniques and our time. 


 Low yeast and long fermentation deliver maximum flavour to our crusty, chewy baguettes.


Our customers say they find our bread easy to digest. Good digestion is important – that’s why we use minimal yeast, real ingredients and naturally proof our breads. 

 The slow fermentation during a traditional bread making process breaks wheat down into more digestible components. People with wheat intolerances may find it easier to consume. 

 We don’t add ingredients to speed up the process, such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), malt or extra gluten. Great bread is as much about what you put in as what you leave out!


Leading Dietician and Health Coach, Sharon Curtain, said

“Bread is part of the carbohydrate group, with fruit and vegetables, legumes and other grains. It’s an important food group as it’s where we get prebiotic, soluble and insoluble fibre, essential for our gut health.  

Healthy eating isn’t about cutting things out, or restrictions or labelling things as good or bad. It’s about choosing the best quality and funnily enough it’s about going back to basics, choosing wholefoods or foods as natural as possible, made using simple ingredients.”  


For more view our In Praise of Bread brochure or blog with Bread Facts


Baked fresh every day, we take TIME to make our breads. Some breads take longer than other. You can now pre-order your favourite breads for in-store pick up or delivery. Just let us know which bread, how many and provide your name and number. One of our staff will call to confirm your order.


We are intensely passionate about our breads and traditional cooking methods, and we are more than happy to share that with you at one of our baking classes. Learn about the importance of good quality, natural ingredients; the difference between flours and cooking methods; how to knead, mould and make your very own loaf of bread to enjoy. Get hands on with Phillippa or one of our friendly chefs. Learn from the best.

Read more about our classes here, or sign up to our newsletter to find out when the next baking classes are.  


Real traditionally made bread is too good to waste. It can be used for French Toast, Cinnamon Toast, Toast with Eggs or Smashed Avocado, breadcrumbs, cakes, Bread & Butter Puddings, Romesco Sauce or a crunchy topping to pasta or vegetables for added texture.

Try our recipesor get a copy of Phillippa’s Home Baking Cookbook for more ideas.

Bread is best stored in paper, calico or perforated cellophane in a cool, dry place. When bread is enclosed and not able to breath, the crust becomes damp and mould can develop. You can keep our bread in our environmentally friendly bags for days. Or store it in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer then enjoy it toasted.  

Enjoy the unique character of every loaf. 
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