Phillippa's Bakery | Epicure Good Food – Gingerbread Bunnies
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Epicure Good Food – Gingerbread Bunnies

Epicure-Easter-Gingerbread-Bunny-AGETuG10NAA24MARWondering what to buy your top mate, your nanna or your four-year-old niece? Hunt no further, we’ve got every chocolate fantasy covered.


Ah, Easter – that perfect holiday break. Devoid of Christmas’ stress and frenzy, Easter is a much more mellow affair. The weather’s getting cooler, there’s the toasty, spicy scent of hot cross buns in the air, and there’s nothing more to be done than, well, eat chocolate.


And unlike Christmas, the shopping at Easter is way less fraught and way more fun. We’ve put this guide together so there’s no need to get in a mad, last-minute scramble. With these suggestions, no one will be regifting these foil-wrapped bad boys…. download to continue.


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